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" Girl, it was worth the wait idc look at these results girl! I'm obsessed so far but long way to go with hip dips n rounding but trusting the process"


" I order the bbl syrup, I didn’t think it was going to actually work. But my thighs and ass grew bigger in under a week. I was shocked girl. Bt thank you for making this product. "


" I love these products!!!! I was always insecure about myself and I would work out for 2 months and only grew 2 inches but once I started using these products I saw results in 2 WEEKS!!! I’m very happy how my butt came out and bought more products so I can keep growing my butt!! I %10000 recommend using these to grow your but and thighs more!!! Much love can’t wait to keep getting my ordered 🥰🥰🥰🥰 "


"After 4 months of consistency I can gladly say that the oil, syrup, and soap bar are my favorite products! The syrup made me gain wait immediately with eating of course." 


" When first buying the product I didn't have too high of expectations for the first week. Little did I know within a week and a half I noticed many differences already. I had smoother skin on my thighs and booty, I had a plumper booty, and my skin felt tighter and that made my cellulite practically vanish. I have felt great with this product and it was definitely worth it and I definitely plan on using more of it in the future. I also enjoyed the little bit of info that came with the product, it helped me feel more secure with the product when I was given detailed instructions "

" Hands down the best product EVER! Literally gained inches within 3 days. Def will be shopping again once i run out! follow the directions and you'll see the difference "

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" Think it's been almost 3 weeks. I've been using the oil and butter. I just started on the syrup but the oil and butter was what I was using! My thigh gap is closed too" 

" GIRLLLLL I didn't think this was going to work this fast! I'm not as constant as I should be due to my busy schedule but this only been 4 days this week! "

" I started using my waist snatched potion and it works!!! I'm not covering no fat or nothing my belly  doesn't pour over the bottom! i'm so freaking happy rn looking at these pictures. This was only 1 week of use! Thank You so much! "

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" I got it I believe last month and been taking it ever since. I've been bad with keeping a appetite but since I took my first spoons of the syrup I been eating constantly. I'm definitely ordering more! Y'all got me right for my photoshoot and y'all can post the results I don't mind."

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So, I don't use it like you guys said. This oil helped in giving more shape. It's rounder and it grew. I only use it once a day and don't do the towel or squats. I know i'm lazy.